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I thought you may be interested

I thought that some of you may be interested in the process of the selection process of a new project. 

Each time  I begin to prepare for a new project I have to take a lot of things into consideration.  Over the next few days I will explain in depth the process of  putting a new project together.  This time I am going to talk about the theme of any project. 

It is more simple when doing a theme project because you are simply choosing a central theme and working out from there.  If, for example, I was doing  religious album, I would listen to these songs over and over and try to put together the songs I would like to hear and then go so far as to decide if  a particular song really matches the style and path I want to take in the project.

There are many steps to take when building an album but this is the first step.  Choosing what “theme” the album is to have and then start the next process.  I will explain in more detail some of the other steps that have to be take before even starting on the project itself.

Thanks for reading…..hope to see you soon.

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Saturday Night Concert

I had a great time Saturday night with Desi and the Roland Organ Club.  I arrived at the venue and listened to some really talented players  that are students and enthusiasts of Desi’s Music and they did such a great job.

When it came time for me to play I did a lot of Christmas music like“Joy to the World”, “The Little Drummer Boy”, “Sleigh Ride”, “Carol of the Bells”, “White Christmas” ,  “The Christmas Song” and a few others.  It was so nice to play on the Roland 900 organ.  It does everything.  I am still amazed at how this organ makes me sound like 30 people playing at once.  Amazing!

As I look into the new year I can see that it is possible to see 2 new projects.  I may have an exciting development with Ric Overton of .  We are going to keep you informed as it develops.  We have been talking about doing a new project together.  I have been requested to do a CD of religious music and that is possible along with another CD as well. 

Stay tuned to for more information as it happens.

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