Ready for the week. Working on a couple of new projects coming.


Upcoming Event

Here’s an annual event that is one of my favorites.  The Home Organist Adventure is sponsored by our local Roland dealer in southern California, Desi’s Music.  The owner (and a long-time friend of mine) Desi Nelson, holds this three-day festival being held at the Hilton Resort in beautiful Palm Springs, California.  This year we’ll convene on Sunday, April 4th through Thursday, April 7th.    I plan on enjoying the excitement of the show and its participants.  Various artists representing today’s organ industry will be on hand to answer questions about the instruments being played plus to conduct informal seminars directed towards the hobbyist musician.  Evening activities include dinner followed by concertizing from some of the greatest professional organists in the world. 


We all have a great time at this event.  For more information log onto  I’d love to see you there!


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New information

I am happy to tell you that my career has begun to make some very important changes.

First, I have been asked to write some information about an aspect of the organ that many enthusiasts would like to know more about and understand. I have been working with several people to increase their knowledge of the organ and how you can easily  transform the sound to something that they can hear in their minds but can’t produce it with their fingers.  I am hoping to answer their questions and help.

Second, because of my relationships with music dealers across the country, I am beginning to get bookings at new venues that I have never done before.  I am really excited about the one I am doing for the Organ Society in the summer.

Lastly, through modern technology I am reaching audiences that were never possible in the past.  I’m so happy that you have chosen to keep up with me through one of those mediums.


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