A Welcome Break for Rosemary

A welcome break for Rosemary…..
Well, after 23 airline flights during the month of June, I finally find myself back home.  But all activities were unique and successful for me.  I sometime forget all the various ramifications of being a performer/educator in the music industry.  Although I thoroughly enjoy commitments that entail only my playing expertise, applying that knowledge in a separate, different way is refreshing to me.
For example, both the Bill Horn Organ Extravaganza http://billhornproductions.com and  the American Theatre Organist Society http://atos.org convention turned out to be…in their own way….tremendously rewarding.  The first scenario provided me with the opportunity to not only be part of the concert team at the evening events but I also showcased the Roland Atelier organ in a more intimate surrounding at the display room.  There, I provided short workshops for the attendees which involved my input for the amateur musician to better their performance skills.  Sometimes this involves knowing the instrument more thoroughly but most of the time, my demonstrations were centered around the necessity of technical impact.  In other words, preparatory work (specifically practicing scales before beginning to learn a song) is essential.  After all, can you name a credible exercise that doesn’t involve prior regimentation before beginning?  Whether referring to ballet dancing, golf, even professional baseball and football……all demand a warm-up practice.  Well, so does playing an instrument.  I guess in a way, that is an athletic endeavor as well!
My time at the ATOS convention was spent introducing most of the theatre organ buffs who were attending to the wonders of digital organs.  Technology provides the realism of the tone and the diversity of the instrumentation.  We all know that.  However, some of those listening to my presentations were not aware of the replication of pipe organ sounds available on the Roland Atelier line of organs.  This was a true revelation for most of them.  When they found out there was never any tuning required, unlike all theatre and institutional pipe organs, I practically saw small light bulbs popping up over their heads…along with a slight smile.  Having an organ in their home that genuinely simulates the touch and sound they love to hear is a doable option.
My time now will be focused on Volare-related projects including the filming of a short video explaining what it is all about.    As a preview, the Volare seminar package is a touring event presented by me which includes a variety of proven benefits to the enrollment including playing techniques, arrangement ideas, advanced manual dexterity skills, etc.  Volare is promoted through your local music retailer.  If you’re interested, ask about the possibility of Volare paying a visit to your town.  I’d love to meet each and every one of you who follow my professional activities.
 Watch for the upcoming announcement of my new website about Volare.  http://VolareOrgan.com I will keep you informed when it is up and running.
Thank you to everyone invovled in the setting up and the production of these two successful events. My hat is off to everyone who made these programs run so smoothly.
Stay safe and well…..you’ll be hearing more from me soon.
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