Have you thought about this?

Do you realize that the Christmas season is less than six months away?  This is when a few wise people begin thinking ahead to the inevitable….like what to give to their special friends.  I’ve never been one of those types until recent years.  It must be a sign of maturity or perhaps it’s simply due to getting older.

From my perspective, having the opportunity to perform various holiday songs is an endearing endeavor.  The down side is that performing selections appropriate for the season is so short-lived.  Usually, I begin including a few well-known tunes in my programs around December 1st or so.  As the month progresses though, more and more of these tunes seem to work their way into song list.  Strangely enough, almost magically, the mood of the seasonal presentations become a bit more liturgical in nature as the December days roll on.  I may choose to perform “Frosty the Snow Man” during a program on let’s say 12/4…..but by 12/18, I feel compelled to also include “Adeste Fideles” and  “Silent Night”.  One of the reasons for this is due to the phenomenal human voice effects available on the Roland Atelier.  Whether utilized in a solo fashion or combined with instrumental support, the various voice ranges are perfect for this type of registration.

I’ve only made one holiday music CD in my career.  Its title is “Holiday Memories” and frankly, I’m quite proud of the result.  In some ways, this disk is different from any others I have produced.  First of all, of course, the 12 songs I selected are all typical of the Christmas season.  The selections are both secular and religious in nature and range in dynamics from subtle settings suitable for carols to renditions reminiscent of huge European cathedrals.  Yes, there’s “Sleigh Ride” appearing on the recording list, but also “What Child is This?”……quite the opposite.  But there is a unique twist to “Holiday Memories”.  I decided to create it in a medley format.  In other words, there is no stoppage between tracks.  My intent in doing it this way was based on a mental picture I had of a family sitting down for Christmas dinner and playing my CD from start to finish without any breaks in the mood of the gathering.  I feel I’ve accomplished my goal by choosing to provide nonstop organ/instrumental holiday song arrangements that folks recognize and enjoy.  Hopefully, my small part in adding to the emotion of the day completes the holiday picture.

So when you’ve had enough of the summer heat and are ready to think about preparing for the most celebrated event of the year, please consider the importance of completing the scene with appropriate background music.  You also might consider a holiday music CD as a gift to those who appreciate a quality recording.  Just be sure to think ahead should you choose to purchase one….after all, listening to holiday music is only a good thing if it’s on or before 12/25.  Then, unfortunately, it’s an eleven-month wait until we hear it again.

When you have a minute, please go to my web site http://www.rosemarybaileymusic.com and check out the “Holiday Memories” disk.  It truly does make for a thoughtful gift….I’ll even autograph the CD insert for you if you’d like! 

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