Three Thoughtful Christmas Gifts (no, not gold, frankincense and myrrh)

Why is it that music is part of most holiday celebrations?  When you think about it, it’s really true.  So when this Christmas time came around, I was delighted to receive audio CDs created by three separate people who share a common connection, being musicians.  I received individual music files performed by the senders as holiday gifts.  Each one portrayed a different playing style, all coming from these folks who never have met and actually don’t know about one another.  Yet their intent was the same…to remember me at Christmas time and to share their craft with me as well.

A dear friend from Cleveland surprised me with several original CDs he had recorded live at various venues in the area.  They were terrific to listen to.  Lenny is semi-retired now after enjoying a long career in the theatre organ world.  Now he brings genuine happiness to locals who attend his performances on his multiple music keyboards.  What a selfless, caring guy.  Folks often look forward to hearing him play and I’m certain find his shows tremendously entertaining

One of my newest friends, Jason, was kind enough to send along a copy of his Senior Recital CD.  He received his Bachelor of Music in Sacred Music degree at Westminster College in Princeton, New Jersey.  He is now on to assuming a position as music director of a large Catholic Church in Sarasota, Florida.  I know he will be a fantastic choral and instrumental leader.  His performance disk is truly remarkable tackling such challenging works as the Toccata and Fugue in Dm by Bach.  The entire live recording was a true work of art requiring countless hours of preparation.  I got to know him through his participation in the annual Roland Atelier Fest a few years ago (I was one of the judges).  He took first place in his division and performed flawlessly.  I also had occasion to visit with him at the ATOS Theatre Organ Convention last July in Providence, New Jersey.  I’ve heard Jason consistently progress in his technique and style which is heartening to me.  One can’t help but recall my enthusiasm of former days when the passion for playing became unstoppable.  It brings me great pleasure now to encourage and nurture the fire within those just embarking on their musical journey.

And finally, a word about a talented woman I had occasion to meet recently in Florida.  Lois attended my two-day Volare master class.  It’s a two-day situation where intermediate organ students are allowed to “peek inside my head” for ideas that result in musically advancing upward a level or two. She is a person driven to learn as much as possible about performance techniques that she then applies to her instrument at home…a very charming, upbeat sort of individual.  So you can imagine how pleased I was to receive her original renditions of Christmas songs that she had personally put together and performed on an her audio CD.  The presentation was terrific.  I even heard a few nuances in the music that she might have picked up from attending my seminar.  I’m flattered and delighted the message of Volare was of value to her.  She has the potential to take her music as far as she wants to go.  When you have a minute, check out the entire Volare success story.  I’ve brought my concepts to ten cities across the U.S. so far.  2012 scheduling is in progress.  Read more details by visiting

So there you have it.  Three separate people in various parts of the country sharing a common bond, the love of creating music.  I do know there are tons of other folks just like them around the world.  What a pleasure to discover what brings satisfaction to our lives.  Those of you reading this who are musicians, no matter how accomplished, know exactly to what I am referring.  How fortunate we are to have discovered our personal road to happiness.

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