Crunch Time

It’s getting a little crazy for me as I put the finishing touches on my new audio CD.  It’s amazing that the organ itself is the driving force behind my song selections and also the interpretation.  Those of you who follow my blog realize I have a target date of May 7th to complete the finished product.  This is when the annual home organ festival will be taking place in Palm Springs, CA sponsored by Desi’s Music Centers…..always a wonderful and exciting event.

It continues to be fun to experience the latest concepts from Roland Corporation where technology is key.  The introduction of the Atelier 900 Platinum has the music industry buzzing.  At last, the actual timber of the various sounds has been contoured such that the surrounding nuances are automatically in place for the player.  In other words, flutes, saxophones, brass, etc. effects are programmed to release the appropriate amount of breathiness, attack and decay features, plus crystal clear tones and rhythms.  It’s kind of like a smart phone.  It does the thinking for you leaving more time to simply enjoy making music.

I’ve completed recording all the data and now the graphics are being produced in preparation for the final product.  Keep an eye out on my web site,, for this current release titled “Passion for Platinum” appearing soon.  What an exciting time to be a musician.

Rosemary Bailey