Learning from my Dog

It seems that having a few weeks to strategize and prepare for activities looming in the next months is a welcome relief.  I sometimes get so caught up with the demands of my career as well as my personal life that I lose perspective of priorities.  For example, my dog responsibilities.

Here we have, of course, the best dog in the world…..ever.  She’s smart, kind, obedient and loving.  In fact, if I were able to turn her into a male human, we’d be a perfect match.  Being eight-years-old, I noticed a slow down beginning about six months ago.  She just wasn’t her old self, but then I thought, well neither am I.  Seriously, I decided to have her checked out at the vet’s office.  Through a blood test, I found out she was suffering from a lack of thyroid activity…it was too low!  I felt so badly about not picking up on this sooner but was delighted the diagnosis was treatable.  She was put on a regiment of taking a daily supplement.

So fast-forwarding to now (about a month later) and I have a puppy again!  Not actually, but she is more agile, requires less sleep, her eyes sparkle again, she’s lost eight pounds and is running around playing with dog toys.  All this because of a gland being provoked by a small pill given twice a day.  Oh, if everything in life was this uncomplicated!  It struck me that her transition from listlessness to elation was attributed to one pursuit …taking action to fix the problem.

I guess the analogy of the story is this:  at times, we all lose sight of the need for adjustment, sometime simple, that can enhance one’s quality of life and make us happier.  I’m not only talking about physical changes but emotional ones as well.  Those of you who have chosen to pursue music on a hobbyist level have experienced this.  It truly evolves to be your “best friend”, always there for you when you feel a little blue or alone.  I think that’s the reason why so many folks enroll in amateur keyboard classes where one is surrounded by people just like you.  No one aspires to perform on a professional level, they simply enjoy hanging with those who are like themselves.  It’s a beautiful thing to watch.  A small group of people assembling weekly to learn how to play music……no age restrictions required.

So if you’re considering taking that leap of faith, my suggestion is to join a music-learning program at your local music store, the library, community center, or wherever you find the opportunity.  Just like my doggie discovered, a little additive to your daily life can make a positive difference.  There’s no pills involved here, only the high created by your own success.

Whether it is preparing for upcoming theatre organ engagements, pipe organ performances or planning my spring schedule for Roland/Rodgers Corporation or Volare projects, I love making music and you will too.  Visit me at http://RosemaryBaileyMusic.com