Hard Work….But Ohhhhh So Much Fun Too!

“It’s good to be back home.  I’ve just completed a two-week tour of Florida where I had bookings for a variety of event types that kept me on my toes.  However, all the trauma was offset by the fact that I enjoyed reconnecting with family and friends who reside in the state.  Some twenty folks with whom I am acquainted managed to link up with me.  This was truly terrific and a welcome release for me in the midst of preparing for some serious performances.


First off was two “command performances” at the Kirk of Dunedin near Clearwater, FL.  I’ve played there several times before but only every other year.  The reason for this is the alternation of artists who are asked to be part of the Fall/Spring concert series.  If you get a chance, log onto www.kirkchurch.com to take a look at this magnificent pipe organ installation which is expertly maintained by Mr. Terry Charles.  I had a ball!  Fortunately, all ground rules are off when it comes to song selection.  I included everything from Hungarian Rhapsody #2 to “One” from A Chorus Line.  Fortunately, the audiences were very accepting and appreciative of my diverse program.  I look forward to the 2013 season when I have already been asked to return.


Then it was off to Fort Myers for another Volare seminar which I presented for two days.  The attendees were very satisfied with the materials and suggestions I gave them.  If you recall, Volare is my way of passing on playing tips and performance secrets that enhance anyone’s playing skills.  But be forewarned, this course isn’t for sissies!  Let’s face it, certain criteria are consistent with a successful result.  For example, scales are a must…no getting around it….gotta do it.  Once one begins to believe in this necessity, I find the participants are willing to follow my lead.  Some of them actually began the regiment after the first day of instruction despite my specific request they “lie low” and get plenty of rest in preparation for day two of the seminar.  Oh well, I guess if they feel compelled to immediately put into practice what has been given to them during Volare, there’s no stopp’in em!  Go!


Afterwards, I drove over Alligator Alley to the east coast of the state ending up in the Merritt Island area, very near Cape Canaveral.  This was a repeat of the previous scenario.  It seems wherever I go throughout the country presenting this “how to” mini music course, the people I work with are all on the same page.  They have been taught how to play the notes.  But what they are looking for now is to improve their ability to create interesting arrangements, register the organ more dramatically, develop technical skills, etc., etc.  These concepts are the universal theme of the Volare program.  It’s apparent to me that geographical and demographical factors are non-existent when it comes to learning music.  Actually, age isn’t even an issue.  All of my Volare family members are on the same page.  Frankly, these men and women are looking for ways to sound more like professional musicians.  My job is to convince them that although their aspirations may not always be totally realistic, the notion that they will play better utilizing more complex harmonies and melody lines along with corresponding dynamics, is.


If you haven’t noticed, I love what I’m doing these days.”

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Back in the saddle again.

It’s travel time again!  I’ll be leaving California for Florida this week in preparation for presenting three major events there.
First stop is Tampa where the Kirk of Dunedan is located.  If you have a minute, take a look at their web site www.kirkchurch.com. and click on “concerts” listed at the bottom of the home page.  Not only is this an impressive place of worship but it also doubles as an artistic center.  Perfect acoustics and a fantastic pipe organ combine to make for a wonderful performance venue.  My commitments are for next Friday and Saturday, October 21st and 22nd.  I submitted my program to the Kirk personnel yesterday for printing purposes.  Having played there prior (more than ten performances over the years), I’m familiar with the instrument and what musical styles work well on it.  This is important for me to know when formulating a written program, although I will need to refresh my memory before the performance date.  As you probably know, all these installations are different.  Consequently, one false move from the organist can be disastrous….like depressing a tab which activates a cymbal when you really were aiming for the one next to it, the flute. Ouch!  The renditions I’ve selected range from a Cole Porter medley to Hungarian Rhapsody to selections from West Side Story.
There’s another special side to this venue.  In addition to the four-manual organ, two grand pianos also appear on either side.  These are operated directly from the pipe organ.  In other words, if I choose to have the pianos play along with me (while I’m seated on the organ bench), they magically begin to produce music.  This is showcased by tiny lights positioned over each key.  For example, when I perform a ragtime piece, I plan on “waking up” the pianos to join in with my rendition.  This will be too much fun!
Next, it will be on to Fort Myers and Jay+Kay’s Music where I will be back on the Roland digital organ conducting a “Volare” seminar.  I’ve written about this before on my blog.  Briefly, I present a two-day master class which provides the intermediate musician with tips, short cuts and incentives enabling them to improve their skills.  A full explanation of the mini-course can be found at www.rosemarybaileymusic.com.  Finally, the same program is scheduled in the Merritt Island area at Laut’s Music.
Rest assured there will be some “off time” on this trip as well.  It seems the whole world has moved to Florida.  Not only do I enjoy visiting with an array of relatives who live there but I also look forward to sharing time with friends I have met through the music industry….some of whom I haven’t seen for a number of years.  I’m sure we’ll have a great time reminiscing about the old days and telling each another how young we look….maybe.
Don’t worry, my friends, I have already prepared the November Song of the Month for you, one of my priorities before leaving town.  It’s quite a different interpretation than the previous ones.  Again, please go to the site if you’re not familiar with this project.  You may become a winner!
Let’s all concentrate on staying well and safe as the year progresses toward holiday times.  My personal plan is to work hard, play hard and give thanks every day for all we have.  I’ll be reporting in again soon.  Bye for now.
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October – Fall is here

As you know by now, I always have more than a few balls in the air.  It seems to go in cycles.  But this time of the year is by far the busiest for me.
Why is it that we start to feel the momentum leading up to the holiday season so far in advance of December?  I don’t know, however the impact of supplying interesting and fitting programs with coordinated software is primary on my agenda.  Much of my day is concerned with these issues.
October promises to be multi-faceted, exciting and rewarding for me.  My Volare seminars are going full-throttle in southern Calfornia to be followed by two commitments in Florida, Fort Myers and Merritt Island.  The latter will come after a very special double concert package offered by The Kirk of Dunedin church near Clearwater, FL.  Amazing!  The pastor of this congregation not only appreciates liturgical music but also is a jazz buff!  I’ve performed at this venue many times over the years on their tremendous theatre pipe organ.  Everything from Bach to Bacharack is not only permitted but encouraged to be performed.  Because the organ is a combination of several installations married to create this magnificent instrument, almost any  type of music works well on it.  You might want to read more their monthly concert series on-line at www.kirkorgan.com  I will be there on October 21st and 22nd, just before leaving for the Volare seminars part of my trip.
Obviously, I will be switching musical gears during the month.  It’s times like this I truly appreciate my pipe organ background we’ve talked about before and the subsequent electronic/digital organs I perform on today.  I realize it’s the same white and black notes on both families of keyboards, but the technique required to create sounds appropriate for the instrument is the key.  Touch response, proper registrations, song selection all play a part in the realism and success of the performance.  I will be on my toes for sure during this tour.  There will be no place for distraction while concertizing and performing.
I wish all of you a cozy, secure and beautiful October.  All is good.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the colors of the season.  Stay well and I’ll check in with you soon.
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